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Behaviour Tracking

Every business is made of behaviours which employees or customers need to perform in order for your business objectives to be met. The Mambo.IO Platform enables you to define, track and reward any behaviour which is critical to your business success. Behaviours are explicitly communicated to your employees and customers who can now actively contribute towards driving your Key Performance Indicators. The ability to reward people with different points allows you to effectively communicate which behaviours are most valuable to the people that matter. The platform’s behaviour tracking system can use contextual information coming from your applications and websites in order to create relevant experiences for your employees and customers.

Rewards System

The Mambo.IO Platform makes it incredibly easy to configure different types of rewards aligned to your business objectives and users needs. The contextual and personalised nature of the rewards system allows it to fit seamlessly into your existing applications and websites. Use contextual information to reward users for interacting with specific products, content or business processes. Use personalisation to reward groups of users who share common traits such as organisational department or job title. Create time-bound and resettable rewards to incentivise repeat behaviours or meet recurring objectives.


The ability to track progress towards a goal is crucial in any business. The Mambo.IO Platform offers the possibility to create levels which can be used to measure a users overall contribution or a users progress towards a specific set of goals. Combined with the platform’s custom point system, levels can be used to track virtually any kind of objective.


Combining a set of behaviours into a coherent group is what defines a business process which will ultimately drive your business objectives. These coherent groups of behaviours can easily be mapped onto the Mambo Platform by using the missions feature. Missions combine the power of rewards and levels by structuring them in a set of steps which must be completed in order to achieve a higher goal. For example, within a business, missions could be used to incentivise the completion of training courses or the resolution of customer support tickets. Within a customer facing product, missions could be used to incentivise the completion of onboarding steps or other groups of related behaviours which drive value.

What can be achieved with gamification?


Drive long-term customer loyalty and increase user engagement with your products and services using a gamification platform. Improving customer loyalty and participation, developing stronger community engagement and creating captivating product experiences are all possible outcomes.

eLearning and Training

Increase engagement, create challenges and illustrate progress instilling a sense of accomplishment in clients.

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Users who perform behaviours which are beneficial to your business should be recognised for doing so. When a user performs a valuable behaviour they will be notified, positively reinforcing said behaviour. The platform will also notify the users when they have unlocked rewards, levels and missions. In addition to this, users are also notified when other users gift them with points or when they unlock a point bounty in the system.

Activity Streams

The Mambo.IO Platform provides powerful and flexible activity streams which can be used to show your users what’s taking place on your sites and applications. Activities can be used to show all the behaviours taking place as well as all the rewards being unlocked. Activities can be filtered to display only behaviours or rewards as well as being filtered by a specific user. Personalization tags can also be used with the activity streams in order to filter activities by related groups. Tracking behaviours with rich context data is also used by the activity streams in order to generate meaningful activities for your users.

Coupons System

The Mambo.IO platform allows you to reward users with coupons which can be exchanged for discounts, free shipping, tangible goods or custom benefits. Users can exchange redeemable points for coupons or alternatively unlock coupons when they unlock rewards, levels or missions. The advanced coupon system will validate that users have actually been awarded the coupon before allowing them to use it, this avoids the problem of coupons being shared on the internet. Coupons can be redeemed directly or through the purchase tracking mechanism.


Understanding the interaction of your customers and employees with your applications is critical to the success of your gamification strategy. The Mambo.IO Platform provides deep customer and employee insights through our powerful CRM interface. Sort through your users based on rewards, points, last activity and many other criteria. Then drill down into individual users to see a detailed breakdown of all the rewards, levels and missions they’ve unlocked as well as all the points they’ve earned, the purchases they’ve made or even individual behaviours that they’ve performed.

Off-the-Shelf Widgets

Creating a compelling gamification strategy is not enough if the visualisation of that strategy is not intuitive. This is why the Mambo.IO Platform comes with a number of off-the-shelf widgets which can be used to display the gamification strategy to your end-user. Save time by using any or all of our widgets: summary header, full profile, how to earn points, leaderboards, activity streams, notifications and toaster popups. The profile widget is at the heart of the widget library and displays to the user a summary of the gamification strategy. The summary includes: missions, levels, achievements, coupons, point summary (how they earned points) and custom groups of rewards created by using Tags. The widgets are available in different colour themes which can be further customised to suit your own needs. In addition to colour themes, the widgets come with a templating system which allows them to be customised from the bottom-up by any developer who has HTML and CSS knowledge. If you require a fully custom experience, you also have access to all the APIs on top of which the widgets are constructed.

Widgets Overview
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